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Mothering Sunday Flower Bouquets

While Mothers’ Day in the USA is celebrated separately to Mothering Sunday here in the UK, both holidays exist, of course, to celebrate the women who brought us into the world – our mothers! Mothering Sunday is traditionally the fourth Sunday during the Christian observation of Lent, where practicing Christians traditionally and temporarily give up something they enjoy. This fourth Sunday may currently be celebrated by the giving of gifts such as flowers to our mothers, but in centuries past it was a day where servants would be allowed to take their leave to visit their mothers. Obviously, since then, society has changed a fair bit – and while all our mothers are different, they all deserve the same love and respect!

Mothers’ Day is generally celebrated within the UK to show our mothers how much we think of them – while we should always be thinking of the people who brought us into the world, Mothers’ Day is often the one day of the year where we get to do something that little bit more special. Flowers of all colours and creeds will find their way to the doors of women all over the country during spring, generally seen as a fantastic time to take advantage of some of the fresh blooms that are starting to appear after the harshness of winter. What better way to treat your Mum than to give her a brilliant bunch of bright budding flowers that will last for days and days?

No matter what you give your Mum for Mothers’ Day this year, nothing quite does it like flowers do – an enduring symbol of Mothering Sunday gift-giving, and a present that will be appreciated by mothers of all ages. Why not pick a bunch of special flowers for your Mum ahead of the big day this year?

Mothering Sunday is on 26th March 2017, don't forget to order your flowers. Call the store on 0121 730 2443 to order you Mothers Day Flower bouquets

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