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31 Question a Wedding Florist Might Ask

What should I take to a wedding flower consultation?

Our professional florist will guide you through all the requirements and information they need during your consultation, this will be a time when you'll be able to start discussing plans you have made for your wedding and also ideas you have regarding your wedding flowers. Start taking a look at images in weddings magazines, and marking the ones you like, or start a Pinterest board with things that catch your eye. This is very useful information to your florist - don't feel that you need to choose specific flowers or even designs, but a collection of what you like will help your florist make suggestions and create wedding flowers that are tailored and perfect for you. It may be that you are going to your florist with an open mind, however having some idea of the direction you wish the wedding decorations to take may be useful. If you haven't already done so, do take a look at 'Planning your wedding flowers' and also How to choose a theme for wedding flowers. What the florist will most likely ask? Below we have listed a number of questions that might be asked at some point in your wedding planning (these will not all be asked at the first consultation) and aren't meant to bamboozle you. They will help you consider how best to make the process more straightforward for yourself and your florist. For example if you can take along images of bride, bridesmaids and groomsman's outfits, along with sample of the fabrics - this helps enormously. It is a good idea, when meeting your wedding reception coordinator to ask for extra business cards. We hope that by considering these questions you can plan finer detail and answers. You will be one step ahead with all your wedding flower planning. We have not included a list of designs. Please visit 'Planning your wedding flowers' page to see design ideas and suggestions.

So here are some questions you might be asked;

  • All of your details; name, address, telephone numbers, email address etc.

  • The date of the wedding

  • The time of the wedding.

  • What time you are leaving prior to your wedding?

  • Do you have any ideas about your wedding flowers?

  • Do you have a theme to your wedding?

  • Do you have any favourite flowers, or flowers you'd like to be used?

  • Do you have colours you would like to be used throughout the wedding flowers?

  • Do you have a budget for your wedding flowers?

  • Where are you staying before departing for your wedding?

  • Where are grooms man staying or meeting?

  • Where your ceremony is?

  • Where your reception is?

  • How tall is the bride?

  • Frame size of the bride?

  • Hair colour of the bride?

  • What is the style of the brides dress?

  • What is the colour of the brides dress?

  • What is the Fabric of the brides dress?

  • Is there any fine adornments to the dress e.g. pearls, crystals etc.?

  • Is the bride wearing a veil?

  • How many bridesmaids and flower girls are there?

  • What are the ages of the bridesmaids and flower girls?

  • What style are the bridesmaid dresses?

  • What is the colour of the bridesmaids and flower girls dresses?

  • What is the Fabric of the bridesmaids and flower girls dresses?

  • Is there just one best man?

  • Who is giving the bride away?

  • How many ushers are there?

  • Are there any page boys?

  • What is the groom wearing?

  • Do they have a waist coat and if so the colour?

  • Are they wearing a tie or cravat? What is the colour?

  • Do the groomsman have any other adornments e.g. colour handkerchiefs?

  • Is there a ring bearer? Contact details.

  • Where would you like flowers in the church/ceremony location?

  • Who is the point of contact for the church/ceremony location?

  • Are there are other couples getting married on the same day, and if so what time they are married?

  • Have you considered the possibility of sharing church flower designs?

  • Who is the main point of contact at the reception venue / church?

  • How many rooms will you need flowers for?

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